We were forecasted to have scattered thunderstorms yesterday for much of the day.  I had a noon meeting so wanted to get my run done sometime in the morning.  As I geared up and set out on my run, the sky was overcast but no rain or lightning in sight.  I suspected that I might encounter some light rain but  never suspected what was to follow.  The first mile was windy but no rain in sight.  As I started into mile 2 I could hear thunder somewhere (didn’t see any lightning) and then a few drops started coming down.  I continued on my run as I figured since I was already wet I might as well try to finish up around 4 miles.  I picked up the speed and kept on trucking and found myself in a harder downpour.  I specifically wear a hat on my runs to help keep the sun out of my eyes but also when it rains.  As I was coming up on 3.5 miles, I noticed these grape sized white opaque things hitting the ground.  I realized it was hail!  Luckily only a few ended up catching me on the skin and causing a slight stinging.  As I finished up the last 1/4 mile the rain lightened and then completely stopped.

Surprisingly we are actually getting a weekend full of scattered thunderstorms and rain.  I managed to make it out between the rains this morning for another 4, though much slower than yesterday’s run.  I initially was going to do an inside workout such as a HIIT but lacked the motivation so threw on the running gear and headed out.

I need to start working on some more race recaps as well as some shoe reviews.  A big part of why I started this blog was to help me remember what I have done (races), used (shoes, clothes, gear) so I can look back and make tweaks to my training and such.



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