Hello!  StewsCat comprises the musings of a Sacramento guy who enjoys distance running, baking, cooking, and eating.  I started this blog mostly as a way to document the goings on of what I’ve been doing in my life the last few years (many posts will be race recaps from the last 6 years of my running adventures). I was inspired to start this and help document my journey towards my 4th full marathon: 2017 Surf City Marathon

I hope to be able to remember and share the many adventures of baking (keeping track of what works and doesn’t work), along with the memories from running and races.  One day maybe I’ll be able to look back and remember all these fun things that I have done.

Race summary:

  • 3 – Full marathons
  • 16 – Half marathons
  • 1  – 10K
  • 8  – 5Ks

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