Marathon Training Week 11

Another week down, another 100+ mile month.  This is the first time I’ve ever done this much mileage two months in a row.  I’ve never had more than one 100+ mile month in a year prior to this year.  I’m happy to report that I’ve managed to do this high mileage while avoiding any major injuries.  I’ve had a few days of some soreness in my right knee and also left calf, but overall nothing that doesn’t go away after a day of rest.  So I’m pretty happy with how my training is going thus far.

Now for the not so great news.  My longest run (20 miles) was set for this past Friday.  Of course Friday was the one day we were supposed to get rain for most of the day.  I also altered my plan during the early part of the week and ran Tues-Wed instead of Mon-Wed.  Seemed to work out okay.

Here’s a summary of last week’s running.

( ) = # of miles on my plan

Tuesday – 2.5 (3)

Wednesday – 4.5 (9)

Friday – 16.07 (20)

Saturday – 3.2 (4)

Sunday – 3.0  (3) – treadmill, walking.

Weekly Total – 29.27 miles (39)

I woke up on Friday and wasn’t really feeling all that motivated.  The weather wasn’t helping matters that much.  Normally I’ve been starting my long runs around 9 am so that takes me anywhere to 12 or 1 pm usually for anything over 16 miles.  The morning started kinda hazy with a very fine mist sprinkles while I was having breakfast and coffee.  I continued to kinda of mozy around and get myself psyched up to go on my long run.  I stepped out of the door around 9:30 into some light rain but with some decent winds that were quite chilling.

Luckily for me I have a loop in my neighborhood that is almost exactly 1 mile (slightly over 1 mile) from my house.  With the way the weather was, I decided I’d just run this 1 mile loop for as long as I could so that I had somewhere to take shelter if the rain got really bad.  I also like it because that means I have bathroom access (not just at my house but there’s a park about 1/2 mile into the loop as well).  The only downside with loop running is that it can get boring and you want a new view of things.  I made it to 3 miles and then took off on another path to do 2.5 additional miles.  My tummy had not been feeling the greatest before I started running and I ended up having to make a pit stop at the house.  Soon I started to bargain with myself.  I told myself I could stay out in the cold rain for 10 miles and then do the last 10 miles on the treadmill.  I also didn’t want to spend too much time on the dreadmill because it too can also be boring for too long.

I knew it was also good for me to be out in the rain because it is a possibility for my race in about 6 weeks.  I need to learn to run in different types of temperature and weather.  This year has been especially wet in California so who knows if it may be raining on race day.

I ended up making it to 8.75 miles out in the rain when I called it quits (had to make another pit stop) and switched over to the treadmill.  I started my run there and soon realized I’d rather be out in the rain.  I made it about 3.25 miles on the treadmill and then decided to go out into the rain again (the rain was heavier than it was during my first 8 miles). I pushed and persevered and hit 4 miles (I had told myself that 4 miles was my minimum up to the 8 miles to complete the 20 miles).  I had recently read that one theory for marathon long run training is not to exceed 3 hours because beyond that the benefits do not outweigh the risks (i.e. injury).  So that’s where I came up with 4 miles minimum on my 3rd leg to have a final of 16 miles.

So the end result was just a tad over 16 miles.  I’m happy with it, especially given my lack of motivation and the rain.

No pictures on my runs this week with the rains.

Sunday morning I woke up with a lot of sneezing and a constantly dripping right nose.  I do have pretty bad allergies in the springtime but this felt more like maybe I was getting sick.  Even though I thought maybe I was getting sick I still wanted to get some miles in.  So I compromised with myself and did 3 miles of walking on the treadmill (~3.5 mph so I still broke a sweat).

Overall I’m still happy with my training thus far and hope to keep it up and be ready for the race in Big Sur.

We also went to a pizza joint we used to go to a lot (Hot Italian).  Since I’ve been making pizza myself we haven’t gone in awhile.  I do like their cocktails though, and Saturday was decently warm so I had a Negroni.





Marathon Training Week 6

Marathon Training Week 6

Week 6 of training is in the books.  Overall I felt like this was a decent week.  I had a few aches and pains along the way.  My 7 miles on Thursday was done on the treadmill and I definitely pushed it (averaging less than a 10 min/mile pace, which is pretty quick for me).  And then following that the next day with a long run was a good test for my body/legs.  On Saturday morning I felt the result of the previous two days and woke up sore all over.  I still managed to get out and do my 5 miles though, which was again a good test of running on tired legs.  I’ve been trying to do some foam rolling after my runs since I’ve increased my mileage a fair amount compared to previously.  Last year I probably averaged between 15 and 22 miles per week.  So far I’ve been averaging in the mid to high 20s this training cycle.

Here’s a summary of last week’s running.

( ) = # of miles on my plan

Tuesday – 3 (3)

Thursday – 7 (7)

Friday – 10.05 (10)

Saturday – 5 (5)

Sunday – 4 (4)

Weekly Total – 29.05 miles (29)

We were hit with another round of rain this past week.  More importantly or impactful, we had some strong winds.  This resulted in a power outage on Friday from 2:15 pm (I know since I was in the midst of catching up on some of my shows) that lasted until 10:30 pm that night.  I had received a phone call from the power company at 4 pm saying power would be out until the following day at 12 pm, so it was a nice surprise that it came on later that night.  Apparently a tree fell on some power lines on the nearby train tracks, which required some specialized equipment to remove the tree, lines and then replace the lines. With the power out, it gave me no choice but to complete  my chores before it got too dark.  We then went out to dinner and watched a movie (luckily my wife’s laptop had a full battery charge).  Then it was lights out early (we were asleep when the power came back).  I had unplugged the power supply to the TV since I knew that it would turn on once power was restored and figured that might be in the middle of the night.  My wife had previously purchased some candle-less candles that came in very handy.


It was raining a decent amount on Friday morning but I decided to head out and do my long run anyway.  I elected to go down by the river trail to see what it looked like.  We had had a few days of dry weather and I wanted to see what the river levels looked like.  The river had receded and you could actually run on the bike trails (that were previously under water).  The receding water had left a thin layer of dirt/mud on the trails so it felt a little strange underfoot – not like running on a smooth surface.  There was a section that was really muddy and forced me to climb the berm and run on top of it.  The rain wasn’t so bad but the wind was biting at times and made me question why I was doing it.  As you can imagine there weren’t many people out.  A few other brave souls were out running though and one guy gave me a thumbs up from afar as you and I both kept on our runs.

I rewarded myself post long run with some bad for me food. Fish and chips and fried clams to boot.  There’s a small local fish and chips shop run by Koreans that I like to go to (and I like supporting local businesses).  So I stopped in and picked up their daily special.


With the large amounts of rain that we’ve been getting, a lot of the area trees and plants have started blossoming early.  Since Saturday’s run stayed dry (looked like looming rains), I managed to get some shots of some trees.  One of the trees has these really cool looking purple-pink and white flowers.  The flowers are extremely short-lived on the tree and fall off relatively quickly – especially with the strong winds.


There are a number of them in our neighborhood and I really like purple so it helps.

Another tree that has bloomed is the one that has a very distinct smell.  The flowers give off the odor of a certain bodily fluid (aka semen).  It’s very strange.

Callery Pear (Pyrus calleryana)
Enter a caption

And there are a ton of Camelia trees in our neighborhood (including a few on our property).  I like them because of the various colors that exist.  These also tend to make a mess when they drop their flowers.



And finally one of our bare Chinese Pistache trees and one of our lavenders.  I’m just glad the lavenders have survived this long (we had previously tried to plant them in years past and they’ve all died).

Chinese Pistache

I also broke in two new pairs of shoes in the last week or so.  I haven’t run in Mizuno shoes previously and so am trying my first pair with the Mizuno Wave Catalyst.  I’ve only done one run in them but so far they seem all right.  I also did my first run in a shoe I’ve previously run in, the Altra Repetition.  My original pair is getting towards the end of its life with close to 450 miles on it so I’ve started in on its replacement (same shoe, different color).

I think the Repetition is billed as a trail running shoe (it is a maximalist zero drop shoe), I’ve found it to be a great road shoe.   I’ve done a half marathon in my previous pair as well as a decent amount of long runs.  I’ve been a fan of Altra now for a few years and also run in the Altra Provision 2.0 currently  as well.  As I’ve said before, the diversity in shoes that I use in training I think helps to keep me from getting injured (*knocks on wood*).




We were forecasted to have scattered thunderstorms yesterday for much of the day.  I had a noon meeting so wanted to get my run done sometime in the morning.  As I geared up and set out on my run, the sky was overcast but no rain or lightning in sight.  I suspected that I might encounter some light rain but  never suspected what was to follow.  The first mile was windy but no rain in sight.  As I started into mile 2 I could hear thunder somewhere (didn’t see any lightning) and then a few drops started coming down.  I continued on my run as I figured since I was already wet I might as well try to finish up around 4 miles.  I picked up the speed and kept on trucking and found myself in a harder downpour.  I specifically wear a hat on my runs to help keep the sun out of my eyes but also when it rains.  As I was coming up on 3.5 miles, I noticed these grape sized white opaque things hitting the ground.  I realized it was hail!  Luckily only a few ended up catching me on the skin and causing a slight stinging.  As I finished up the last 1/4 mile the rain lightened and then completely stopped.

Surprisingly we are actually getting a weekend full of scattered thunderstorms and rain.  I managed to make it out between the rains this morning for another 4, though much slower than yesterday’s run.  I initially was going to do an inside workout such as a HIIT but lacked the motivation so threw on the running gear and headed out.

I need to start working on some more race recaps as well as some shoe reviews.  A big part of why I started this blog was to help me remember what I have done (races), used (shoes, clothes, gear) so I can look back and make tweaks to my training and such.