Marathon Training Week 5

Another week in the books.  Overall am happy with how things went though my long run could have been better.  I’m just glad that I fit it in as I had minimal motivation to do it.  I even putzed around the house for a good 30-60 minutes putting it off and then finally walked out the door and got it done.

I also finally did my Tuesday run, which has always been on my schedule but I’ve never done.  Part of it is due to a change in my work schedule, which gives me some time after work to run and also due to my new treadmill (post is yet to be published about it).  I was still sore from the race 2 days prior to Tuesday, but I think it was good training for my legs.

Here’s a summary of last week’s running.

( ) = # of miles on my plan

Tuesday – 2.39 (3)

Thursday – 6.05 (6)

Friday – 5.25 (14)

Saturday – 11.5 (5)

Sunday – 2.35 (3)

Weekly Total – 27.54 miles (31)

This week’s runs highlight the gravity of the large volumes of rain that we’ve been experiencing this year.  My Friday run showed just how much the river had risen.  It’s amazing to see in the pictures the difference between an overcast day on Friday and a beautiful blue sky day for my long run on Saturday.  Many of the areas of the bike trail were completely submerged in water.  Also there is a golf course on the north side of the river that lies by the river.  Most of the course is underwater as well.


Golf course under water
Bike trail under water


View along the bike trail at Sac State
A road to nowhere
Normally this a grassy field



My long run took me on a tour of East Sacramento, including the bagel shop we like to get bagels on the weekend.  My long run was a test of my mental persistence.  I had a few cocktails the night before and was just feeling overall tired.  My training plan has been thrown askew because of the race and it changing my long run distance.  I need to get back on track.  I was originally going to head upstream along the river, but as evidenced in the pictures above, I could not go past Sac State so decided to run through campus.  Since it was a Saturday, the campus was relatively empty.


Looking forward to week 6.  So far my legs are fairly sore but no major injuries (*knocks on wood*)




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