Another week of training in the books.  I can’t say that I did a faithful job following my training plan but overall I am happy with what I did.  All of my training for last week was done in a different part of the state – southern California.  I had previously signed up for the Surf City Marathon in Huntington Beach last year.  After finding out I had made it into Big Sur, I decided to drop from the full marathon distance to the half marathon for Surf City.  This did require a small fee to change but I thought it was worthwhile and at least timing wise the 13.1 miles would fit into my training regime.

Since we were doing some of the touristy stuff as well as setting up times to hang out with friends, I shortened some of my runs and altogether skipped another one.  I won’t feel too bad about it though since I had a fun weekend.

Here’s a summary of last week’s running.

( ) = # of miles on my plan

Tuesday – 0 (3)

Thursday – 5 (5)

Friday – 2.7 (10)

Saturday – 0 (5)

Sunday – 13.1 (4)

Weekly Total – 20.8 miles (27)

First thing I did after getting off the plane and settled at my parent’s place is go for a run in my old hood.  Originally the neighborhood they live in was built in the 50s or so.  However, over the years people have demolished homes and rebuilt them in all sorts of styles.  In the last 5-10 years, there have been a lot of crazy houses that don’t fit into the area.  You can see the difference between more original housing and new housing below.

The race (recap to follow) took place on Superbowl Sunday so we decided to make a weekend of it.  Both our families live down in SoCal so it was easy.  My folks were out of town but let us stay at their place and use their car (yay for free lodging and transportation).  My wife had never been to the Getty Center in LA and has always wanted to go.  So this time we had some free time and decided to make a day out of LA since it is a good drive from where we were staying in the OC.

Normally SoCal is sunny like 95% of the time.  We happened to go down the weekend that it was rainy and overcast for 3/4 of the time.  After spending the first day down hanging out with the wife’s family, Friday morning we set out for LA and the Getty.  Due to the rain, traffic was slow going but at least we were moving so I can’t complain that much.  And then we arrived at the Getty and surprisingly there were quite a few people visiting as well.  Normally people go to the Getty less so for the art and moreso for the beautiful garden and views of the city.


I had previously visited and thought it was nice.  Seeing the galleries and visiting the property is free except you do have to pay $15 for parking.  Due to the large amount of visitors, the tram that takes you from the parking structure to the actual facility was backed up.  The Getty sits on top of a hill and you park at the base of it.  Even though it was raining, they offered for people to walk up to the Center.  I grabbed one of the complimentary umbrellas (my wife brought her own) and we started walking.  Not 100 feet into the walk, another employee offered a free shuttle bus to the entrance.  Yay for free and no walking in the wetness.  We did kind of a speed walk through many of the exhibits as that is our MO.  Unfortunately the large garden was closed due to the weather and rain.  The views of LA were also obstructed due to overcast conditions.



After leaving the Getty we made our way into Culver City to have a late lunch at Father’s Office, which is a gastropub that was founded by Sang Yoon, who has been on Top Chef.  He developed the Office Burger, which he calls the perfect burger.  Watching him on TV, he also talked about how much he detests ketchup and that you can’t ask for that at his restaurant.  We both ordered the burger and fries and had some beer (and I had a cocktail after my beer).  Overall the burger was filled with quite a punch of flavor and was very yummy.


Saturday turned out to be a beautiful day.  Clear blue skies and sunny.  In the morning, we hit up the race expo to pick up my bib and shirt.  We were meeting up with some friends for lunch so didn’t get to hang out too long at the expo.  We met up at Ballast Point Brewing in Long Beach.  I thought Ballast Point was a San Diego brewery and it is but looks like they’re doing well enough that they have branched out their locations.  Their grilled fish tacos were delicious and I had the Sour Wench Blackberry Ale.  It was quite tasty and refreshing.  The views from the outdoor seating area weren’t so bad either.




After Ballast Point, the wife and I weren’t done with our day drinking just yet so drove over to Belmont Shores to have some more beers.  We ended up at Belmont Brewing and enjoyed some beer and another great view.  I do love the ocean.




I probably shouldn’t have had all that beer the day before a race, but I couldn’t pass it up.  And overall it didn’t affect my race all that much.

Up Next: Surf City Half Marathon Race Recap



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