Avoiding the SPLAT!

On today’s 6 miler I almost ate it…big time.  I was about halfway through the run when I found upper body flying forward much faster than my lower body.

A majority of my runs start and finish in my neighborhoods.  This means I typically am running on asphalt and sidewalks.  The sidewalks are typically well maintained but as with any neighborhood there are some uneven areas of the sidewalks.

I had run on this particular area of sidewalk multiple times prior to this.  Of course there happened to be someone in their yard across the street when it happened.  I kicked the raised area on the sidewalk with my right leg and immediately felt like I was falling forward.  I reached out with my right arm to brace myself but somehow managed to stumble forward with my right leg and prevent me from going all the way down.

Of course I just kept right on running since I was embarrassed and didn’t need the person across the street from asking if I was all right.  Luckily I don’t think any major damage was done.



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