August runs

I made it!  71.74 miles for the month of August. I know there are a few more days left in the month but I will not be able to get in many (if any) miles during that time.  Today’s run was to get me over the hump of 70 since I had reached 67.29 after yesterday’s run.  2.71 miles, easy.  I ended up doing four and a third.

Today was the first day of class for Sac State.  One of my usual run routes takes me along the river berm (American River) next to Sac State.  I also tend to cross the Guy West Bridge (a walking/bike bridge) that connects the school to Campus Commons (a mixture of condos and businesses such as medical offices and law offices).  I weaved my way around the students coming and going and ran back towards my house headed to the H street bridge.

Today I saw 5 deer.  First there were 2 young doe grazing together near Guy West.  Then about 500 yards further down the berm, I spotted a mother deer and her 2 young fawns also grazing.  The fawns still had their white spots on their flanks.  As I ran, I was thinking about how female deer are called does and male deer are bucks.  Naturally I then started singing “Doe, a deer, a female deer, ray, a drop of golden sun…”   And the rest of my run was spent singing this song.  Talk about an ear worm!  It’s amazing what your memory can dredge up.  The last time I saw that movie was many many years ago.   No pictures this time as I didn’t have my phone.

I’m fairly proud that I was able to hit 70+ miles with only 12 total runs in August (my fewest per month to date).  Here’s hoping I can keep up the 70 without major injuries (*knocks on wood*).



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