My made up word for observations made during a run.

  1. I’m really not a fan of sunscreen.  A few years ago I started to slather it on when I went for long runs and more recently have been fairly religious about using it anytime I go for a run.  There are a few occasions where I still will go without, when its raining or super overcast.  I know that I should still wear it when it is overcast because the UV rays penetrate through the clouds.  I’ll continue to use it regularly because I know it protects my skin and reduces my risk of skin disease.
  2. What I eat and how I work have a major impact on my runs.  Last Thursday I did 7 miles and it felt really good/easy.  Wednesday’s workday was the standard 12 hours and not too active.  Today I made it out for 7 again but my legs felt incredibly heavy and tired.  Yesterday’s workday was about 13 hours and very full up standing and other activities.  Also I have not been eating well this week, we had some yummy snacks at work including various chips (my kryptonite), dip, and donuts.
  3. I’m not looking forward to summer.  We’ve had some unseasonably warm weather here for the time of year.  Today was actually supposed to a be a little cooler but it was already still fairly warm by 9:30 am when I set out on my run.  The summer is only going to get worse.  This makes it harder for me to do long runs because I like to start my runs in mid-late morning and in the summer it will already be up into the 70s-80s at that time.  My ideal running temperatures are probably in the low 50s.  I even like doing the high 40s runs too.
  4. Lookin’ forward to some fun this weekend at my cousin’s wedding in the Sonoma area.



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