Welcome to StewsCat!  This blog is dedicated to my cat Stewie (Stewart, stews).  He was adopted during my time in Michigan and has lived/traveled with me the last 10 years, making numerous long car trips from my moves from MI to San Diego and now up in NorCal. He has been a wonderful companion and been through many ups and downs that life brings.

I’m just a 30 something guy who enjoys running (and racing – albeit slowly).  In my quest for a 4th marathon completion, I’ve elected to put finger to keyboard and document my journey towards that goal.

I also enjoy cooking and experimenting with recipes.  Creating dishes and foods from scratch is a passion.  Currently I am learning more and more about baking, especially the art of making bread.  Throughout my journey, I’ll also sprinkle in race recaps from my previous 6 years of running.




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