Marathon Training Week 1

Marathon Training Week 1

So my first week of marathon training (Big Sur International Marathon at the end of April) is done. It did not start off well.  We’ve been getting some pretty crazy rains and rainfall totals here in northern California lately.  My first run was supposed to be last Tuesday.  We had some historic rains last weekend that continued into the early part of this week.  My original plan was to run after work on Tuesday.  By the time I left work, the rain was still steadily coming down and I was just tired.  So I skipped it.  I definitely want to follow a plan more closely this time (considering I’ve never followed one before), but I am not going to be a slave to it.  I am going to listen to my body as well.  Overall I’m still happy with my week.

( ) = # of miles on my plan

Tuesday – 0 (3)

Thursday – 4.2 (4)

Friday – 8 (8)

Saturday – 4 (4)

Sunday – 4 (4)

Weekly Total – 20.2 miles

Injures/aches – mild right Achilles pain after the last run of the week.  Some mild soreness of right knee also present.

My first run on Thursday I purposely ran over to the American River to see how it was looking.  Various parts of Sacramento have been flooding with the recent rains.  I know it is very unlikely for the American River to flood but I wanted to see how much it had risen with all the water we’ve been getting.  Boy I was impressed.  Here are some pictures of the river.


Normally there’s a lot more air underneath that bridge
The water plant (structure) typically has many more feet of white building underneath it


There’s supposed to be a dirt pathway  you can walk on at the bottom of the greenery


Flooded golf course across the river